Nexum at Central Ohio ISSA InfoSec Summit

Written by: Scott Hammond, Senior Security Engineer
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Recently several members of Team Nexum attended the 15th annual Central Ohio ISSA InfoSec Summit in rainy Columbus, Ohio. As a well-respected event for security-minded professionals to gather and discuss today’s critical security challenges, it was fantastic to feel a return to normal and network with our partners and clients in person.

Nexum had a speaking slot in the panel discussions where Pete Scudamore, Principal Engineer – Cloud Solutions, and Scott Hammond, Senior Security Engineer, presented “Modern Hybrid Cloud Architectures – Beyond Greenfield.”

This 45-minute session covered the many lessons learned in the last few years about cloud adoption and helped the audience understand how to identify some of the pitfalls before facing the Vogon Constructor Fleet (did we mention it was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-themed?). As many businesses replace their traditional security edge with hybrid-cloud architectures and a remote workforce, the quest for end-to-end visibility and security remains elusive.

We are looking forward to working with all of our new acquaintances and reconnecting with familiar faces on your cloud security initiatives! Would you like to talk more about this? Fill out our Talk With An Expert form.

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