Why Nexum first*defense®?

It’s a constant struggle to find the necessary resources to effectively run your network security operations. Nexum can augment your team’s operations by monitoring for attacks, investigating potential breaches, proactively blocking bad actors, and keeping essential security components up to date.

Nexum is a SOC 2 Type 2-compliant Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with a range of services to help you defend your network efficiently and effectively.

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Nexum’s first*defense provides integration automation for your systems, whether you have a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) or not.

first*defense compiles and generates threat data to identify malicious activity and proactively prevent harm to your organization.

We will notify you of important events within minutes, and emergency changes are processed promptly – no more waiting hours or days for critical notifications and changes.

We customize procedures specific to your organization and provide transparent access to workflow notes, even for false positives and non-critical events.

Our personnel receive regular and extensive technical training, become familiar with each customer account, and value their relationships.

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Defend Your Network Efficiently & Effectively

Nexum combines highly experienced engineers with our extensive knowledge of best-of-breed technology, delivering a vendor-agnostic, holistic approach to securing and managing your networks.

Nexum’s first*defense Managed Services solutions empower your IT staff to manage and defend your network efficiently and effectively. 

Nexum’s first*defense Monitored Services watch your network and ensure that critical issues don’t get overlooked. Nexum’s analysts and engineers track all aspects of your devices in a read-only role, alerting your IT staff and keeping you ahead of any potential security threats. Nexum’s first*defense Monitored Services feature all of the data-monitoring capabilities of first*defense Managed Services without its operational management aspects.

Nexum’s first*defense Night Vision provides the same features as first*defense Monitored Services, but on a night-and-weekend basis. Featuring 16×5 coverage during the week and 24-hour coverage over the weekend, first*defense Night Vision takes over for your IT staff during these critical off-peak hours.

Nexum’s first*defense Vulnerability Scanning service helps your employees make the most of their time by handling the regular maintenance, configuration and labor around producing useful scan results. Nexum’s first*defense team configures and runs the scans, prioritizes the discovered vulnerabilities based on your prior feedback, and improves the efficiency of your remediation process by removing obvious false positives.