Evaluate Your Security Posture

Nexum’s risk management services help you identify, evaluate, rate, and remediate security, stability, availability, data integrity, and business continuity vulnerabilities. Our experienced engineers perform intensive, complex, multi-point, and holistic reviews of applications, networks, systems, and organizations.

Vulnerability assessments help determine your security posture by finding, rating, and documenting vulnerabilities with recommendations to help you remediate or mitigate them.

Penetration testing simulates an attacker’s activities to test and validate the security of your systems. We identify, evaluate, and document the issues with recommendations to help you close the gaps.

Our team tests web-based, and mobile applications for vulnerabilities then documents them with severity ratings and recommendations to eliminate them.

Our configuration reviews help ensure your systems are deployed securely, efficiently, and effectively for security and stability.

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Configuration Review

It’s essential to ensure that your infrastructure is properly maintained. We look at preventive items, such as software versions, and perform a deep dive into the configuration to deploy your systems following today’s best practices.

Our services include:

– Hardware and software configurations
– Software versions
– Hardware and configuration scalability
– Optimal use of available features and options
– Management, backup, logging, and monitoring of the device
– Failover capabilities
– Overall device performance