Safety & Security Anywhere

Identity has become a cornerstone of IT as applications become more distributed across multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms and public cloud and legacy systems in data centers. Organizations that cannot effectively provision, manage, and revoke access by employees, third parties, and via APIs will soon lose all control of who has access to what within their operating environment.

Nexum can help ensure that your employees have access to resources they need quickly and securely, whether on-premise or in the cloud – a savings of both cost and time for your organization.

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Secure Your Data Everywhere

“It’s behind the firewall” is no longer an effective method of managing access to enterprise data. Nexum provides identity management solutions to help your organization manage and control who interacts with your systems and information. 

Zero Trust is not just a product. It is the selection, integration and operation of multiple security tools. Nexum can help you define and implement an architecture that fits your organization’s security needs.

How can you be sure that your team is not putting your systems and data at risk when they are working remotely? Nexum can help you build solutions to keep your workforce and your information safe, wherever your users may be.

Authentication is more than just usernames and passwords. We assist enterprises in selecting and deploying strong authentication solutions that integrate with existing tools for maximum effectiveness and minimum impact on user productivity.

Applications interacting via APIs introduces risks that traditional web security tools miss. Nexum delivers solutions which ensure that security is not sacrificed or overlooked when enabling API access.