Documentation from Visibility

In Part 4 of our Visibility Series, we’ll wrap things up by discussing why documentation matters and how visibility helps with operations.

Zero Trust Network Access

In our Acronym Series, Nexum’s expert engineers define the industry’s most popular topics. Next up, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Secure Sockets Layer

In our Acronym Series, Nexum’s expert engineers define the industry’s most popular topics, like SSL (secure sockets layer).

CISO Guide to Ransomware

Our partner Abnormal Security is disrupting the email security market. Receive your free CISO Guide to Ransomware – How It Starts via Email and How to Prevent It.

Prevent Ransomware with SASE

There are three technologies that can help prevent ransomware: Cloud access security broker (CASB), secure web gateway (SWG), and data loss prevention (DLP). These components have converged into a single solution for what has now been coined the secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.

Nexum at Central Ohio ISSA InfoSec Summit

Nexum at Central Ohio ISSA InfoSec Summit Written by: Scott Hammond, Senior Security Engineer Connect with us on LinkedIn Recently several members of Team Nexum attended the 15th annual Central Ohio ISSA InfoSec Summit in rainy Columbus, Ohio. As a well-respected event for security-minded professionals to gather and discuss today’s critical security challenges, it was […]

20 Years of Security

Founded in April of 2002, we are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary. This post includes quotes from Founder and CEO of Nexum and a Back in 2002 infographic.

The Issue With Open-Source Code Utilization

Due to ongoing geopolitical events, particularly the Russia-Ukraine conflict, some individuals have begun to “poison” major open-source projects to try to cause damage. There were developers (cyber-activists) that chose to introduce code specifically targeting computers in Russia and Belarus.

Attack Observations Since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

banner image for attack observations since the russia invasion of ukraine

Nearly a month has passed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Before this, the “Cold War” of cyberattacks has consisted of plenty of nation-state-sponsored activity against Western targets. But until now, this activity has not been a weaponized component in an active physical conflict with Western countries (whether direct or, in this case, by proxy).

Network Alerting

network alerts visibility banner

One of the primary things Information Technology (IT) and security teams continue to contend with are alerts. Every system has the capability to generate an alert. Is it some sort of security alert? Some sort of uptime alert? Perhaps an alert indicating that too many alerts have been generated in too short a time? Either way, the volume of alerts likely involves headaches for everyone.