Nexum at AnsibleFest

Check out this event recap from the Nexum team who attended AnsibleFest. This post includes our takeaways and other event information.

The Role of Security

Nexum’s VP of Strategy, Ron Temske, considers the function of security and how it has evolved. And how security should be incorporated into strategic plans.

Transport Layer Security

Nexum’s expert engineers define popular topics, like Transport Layer Security (TLS), in our Acronym Series.

Endpoint Detection Response

Nexum’s expert engineers define popular topics, such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), in our Acronym Series.

Cloud Networking: From Magic Smoke to Black Boxes

Cloud networking was once hailed as the savior of our industry, but security and networking continue to find challenges with managing and scaling. Read more about how organizations are adapting to the black box of cloud networking.

A Tale of Two Conventions: Black Hat and DEF CON 30

Earlier this month, Ron Temske, Nexum’s VP of Strategy, attended the Black Hat USA and DEF CON 30 conventions in Las Vegas. Here is a recap of his experiences, including meaningful takeaways from both and recommendations for attending in the future.

Acronym Series Introduction

Our new Acronym Series hopes to help our readers navigate the acronym-filled waters of IT discussions. Each article will give the acronym, the shortened phrase, a brief definition, and a little information to help you understand it. 

Nexum Summer Summit 2022 Recap

In July, Nexum held our first annual Summer Summit event. It was a wonderful opportunity to get a significant portion of the company together in Chicago to reconnect, learn, and have a lot of fun.

Documentation from Visibility

In Part 4 of our Visibility Series, we’ll wrap things up by discussing why documentation matters and how visibility helps with operations.