Nexum, Inc. Announces New Technology Partner vArmour

Melanie Hofmann
Marketing Manager – Digital and Operations

CHICAGO, IL, March 21, 2022 – Nexum, Inc., a leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions, announced today that vArmour has joined its growing list of exceptional technology partners.

Nexum® works with an ecosystem of manufacturers that provide best-of-breed cybersecurity and networking solutions. Through an extensive examination process, Nexum has built an established base of industry-leading solution technology providers. These products offer a full range of solutions crucial to the success of any organization’s IT environment.

vArmour is a leader in application relationship management. Cloud transformation of critical applications and data to public cloud infrastructure is radically changing the way businesses deliver application experiences to a newly-distributed workforce. However, lack of visibility and actionable observability into application behavior and dependencies can add operational overhead, cause costly delays in migration strategies, and expose the organization to risk. Enterprises around the world rely on vArmour to address these challenges by discovering, observing, and controlling relationships between every application, every user, and across every environment to reduce risk and increase resiliency — all without adding new agents or infrastructure.

“We’ve experienced continued growth, basing our success on our world-class engineers and integrated solutions. It’s also critical that we build our ecosystem of best-of-breed manufacturer partners with the best the industry has to offer,” said David J. Lesser, Founder and CEO of Nexum. “We are thrilled to include vArmour within our ecosystem.”

Nexum provides its clients with industry-leading products, services, support, and training. For a full list of Nexum’s technology partners, please visit

“As organizations are embracing a digital transformation in order to improve agility and remain competitive, they face increased complexity associated with cyber and operational risk. Understanding and managing their digital relationships has become essential to shoring up their cyber resiliency,” said Niels Jensen, Chief Revenue Officer at vArmour. “As organizations grapple with new challenges that come with adopting hybrid and multi-cloud environments, they are looking for solutions that can help them reduce risk and increase their operational resiliency. Understanding the relationships between applications, people, and data is a crucial first step in helping businesses embark on critical strategies like Zero Trust, and transform the way they secure their environments.”


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Nexum, Inc. is a cybersecurity and networking company that builds and secures global networks for organizations across multiple verticals around the world. Founded in 2002, Nexum believes that by remaining absolutely focused on its clients’ needs, success necessarily follows. Nexum meets those needs through a holistic, value-based approach that includes best-in-breed products, professional services, Nexum-branded manufacturer support, authorized training, and monitored and managed security services. At Nexum, We Mean Security®.


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