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Ensuring Enterprise Security Requirements Are Met in the Cloud

A major challenge for many organizations when shifting information and applications to the cloud is that their existing security standards, processes, and tools either aren’t available, or don’t align with the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS world.  Nexum helps enterprises identify and remediate gaps in their cloud security posture.

Nexum can help you extend or complement your traditional enterprise security tools in the cloud, starting with identifying your coverage gaps and devising a strategy to close them.  Nexum engineers can also perform any necessary deployment, and review existing environments to ensure proper deployment.


Ensuring Cloud Networks Actually Make Your Life Easier

Part of the appeal of public cloud platforms like AWS,  Azure, and GCP is the prospect of not having to build or maintain the underlying network.  However, the reality of the cloud is that many of the challenges network managers face on-premise, such as availability, performance, bandwidth constraints, routing, and access control, are still there – just in different forms.

Add in the challenges of keeping up with the architectural recommendations of the major public cloud providers, and you may find that a public cloud environment can be more work to maintain than an on-premise environment.

Nexum engineers help customers design and build cloud networks and assist with integrations to their existing networks, so they avoid the mistakes that can either cripple cloud network performance or unnecessarily increase networking costs every day.

Whether you’re evaluating between Transit Gateway and Transit VPC, looking at how best to integrate Azure with your SD-WAN solution, or trying to make sense of multi-cloud strategies, Nexum can help you.


Securing Your Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, Monitoring, etc.)

“The cloud provides the security” is one of the most dangerous, and yet pervasive myths that surrounds migrating to or building applications in the cloud.  The root cause of numerous data breaches ultimately boils down to developers and IT teams not realizing that cloud environments can be as secure or insecure as you build them.

Nexum can help you design and deploy applications to the cloud with appropriate and effective security designed into the infrastructure and applications.  Then we can help you establish  effective monitoring for misconfiguration, breaches, or other attacks, by either working with your SOC, or directly via our own Nexum first*defense team.


Automation and Orchestration

It doesn’t matter if you’re already moving forward aggressively on automating your IT infrastructure and application operations, or still learning the differences between Ansible and Terraform.  Learning how to build for, and operate in, the world of “networks as code” is essential for IT teams to keep up with the ever-increasing demands for agility while doing “more with less.”

Nexum combines deep engineering expertise on how to properly design and build networks and security products with automation expertise.  That gives businesses the tools they need to meet the agility expectations that are required in today’s business environment.

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