CISO Guide to Ransomware
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Abnormal Security is disrupting the email security market.

The debilitating Colonial Pipeline attack in 2021, which cost the organization $4.4 million to restore the data, highlights the devastating consequences of ransomware and why nearly one in three companies hit with an attack is likely to pay the fee.

CISO Guide to Ransomware

Nexum’s technology partner, Abnormal Security, has discovered a breakthrough that stops:

  • Business email compromise
  • Vendor fraud and supply chain attacks
  • Account takeovers
  • VIP impersonation
  • All the phish in the sea

Fill out our Get the Guide form to receive your free copy of the CISO Guide to Ransomware and reserve your spot for a demo. In the guide, you’ll learn from Abnormal Security CISO Mike Britton:

  • Why cryptocurrency is changing the ransomware landscape
  • How ransomware infiltrates organizations via email
  • What you can do to stop it before it reaches your end users

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