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Symantec ProxySG 6.6 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

The one-day course will emphasize hands on experience, with extensive opportunities to build competency in the use of the powerful diagnostic tools available on the ProxySG.


Symantec ProxySG v6.6 Advanced Administration

The two-day ProxySG v6.6 Advanced Administration course is intended for IT professionals who wish to learn to master the advanced features of ProxySG.


Symantec ProxySG v6.6 Basic & Advanced Administration

This four-day course combines ProxySG v6.6 Basic Administration and ProxySG v6.6 Advanced Administration.


Symantec ProxySG v6.6 Basic Administration

The two-day ProxySG v6.6 Basic Administration course is an introduction to deployment options and management of the individual key features offered using the ProxySG v6.6 solution.


There is no upcoming training scheduled right now. Please check back soon.

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