Secure Web Gateway

Nexum Secure Web Gateway

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Two-day course teaches how Check Point?s Secure Web Gateway enables safe use of the Web and applications. Real-time multi-layered protection blocks access to malicious malware, phishing and dangerous apps by constantly updating URLs and antivirus signatures from our global network of security intelligence sensors.


Basic knowledge of networking

Windows Server and/or UNIX skills

Internet and TCP/IP experience


Learn How To


Identify and block malware

Block access to dangerous websites

Control access to applications and websites by person

Apply Intrusion Prevention

Investigate App Control and URL Filtering security events

Define advanced security policy configurations


Configuring User Directory Integration

Protecting Your Network from Threats on the

Developing a Corporate Web and Application Profile

Defining User Exceptions and Advanced Policy Configurations

Handling HTTPS Inspection

Blocking High Bandwidth Applications and URLs

Working with Captive

Illustrate Additional Connection Options for Identity

Activating Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, and IPS Protections