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The one-day course will emphasize hands on experience, with extensive opportunities to build competency in the use of the powerful diagnostic tools available on the ProxySG.


This course assumes that students have completed the ProxySG 6.6 Administration course.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the troubleshooting methodology as recommended by Symantec.
  • Diagnose and solve a variety of access and performance issues using tools such as sysinfo files, packet captures, and policy traces.


Module 1: ProxySG Secure Web Gateway — Overview of Typical Troubleshooting Issues
  • Overview of common issues related to internal resources, external dependencies, SSL interception, and policy efficiency
  • Introduction to how to use sysinfo files to gain useful troubleshooting information
Module 2: Troubleshooting Issues Related to External Dependencies
  • Methods for diagnosing and solving authentication issues
  • Methods for diagnosing and solving DNS issues
Module 3: Troubleshooting SSL Interception Issues
  • Methods for diagnosing and solving issues related to SSL interception
Module 4: Troubleshooting Performance Issues Related to Policy Efficiency
  • Methods for optimizing performance through tips for creating more efficient policies