Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension (MDSM w/VSX)

Nexum Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension  (MDSM w/VSX)

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This course teaches students how to design, install, configure, and manage Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension.??

Learn how to

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot Multi-Domain Security Managment
  • Configure and implement a Global Policy
  • Transition and consolidate physcial firewalls to a virtualized environment

How You Will Benefit

  • Consolidate multiple firewalls onto a single management platform
  • Convert a security management server to a domain management server
  • Use advanced migration tools to quickly migrate existing configurations
  • Apply common troubleshooting best practices
  • Implement MDS High-Availaibility


CCSE or equivalent experience


To prepare students for the CCMSE exam required for certification.


Chapter 1: Multi-Domain Security Management Deployment

Chapter 2: Multi-Domain Security Management Installation and Configuration

Chapter 3: Multi-Domain Security Management Logging Features

Chapter 4: Multi-Domain Security Management Advanced Features

Chapter 5:Virtual System Extension Deployment

Chapter 6: VSX Gateway Installation and Configuration

Chapter 7: VSX Advanced Features

Lab 11: Implementing VSX Gateway Virtual System