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Nexum Check Point

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This three-day course provides advanced training to manage virtualized security in high-end networks and advanced security optimization techniques.


  • CCSE or equivalent knowledge
  • Windows Server, UNIX and networking skills and TCP/IP experience
  • Working knowledge of network and internet technology


  • Identify issues and problems using commands
  • Locate the source of encryption failures
  • Identify potentially mis-configured VPNs
  • Reduce IPS false positives
  • Troubleshoot SecureXL and ClusterXL


Chapter 1: Introduction to Security Master Chapter 2: Chain Modules Chapter 3: NAT Chapter 4: ClusterXL Chapter 5: VPN Troubleshooting Chapter 6: SecureXL Acceleration Debugging Chapter 7: Hardware Optimization Chapter 8: Software Tuning Chapter 9: Enable CoreXL Chapter 10: IPS Chapter 11: IPv6 Chapter 12: Advanced VPN