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Nexum Check Point

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This fast-paced class gives attendees an insight into advanced AppSec topics. The class curriculum is split into two: 3 days of Server Side Flaws, 2 days of Client Side Flaws.

You will have access to:

  • State-of-the-art hacklab with relevant tools and VMs
  • Dedicated Kali VM to each attendee
  • A hacking lab for 30 days after completion of the course. Scripts and tools are provided during the training, along with student hand-outs.


  • If you work in the security industry of modern web applications, you will benefit from this class.
  • This is not a beginner class. To gain the maximum value from the topics being explored, attendees should have a strong understanding of the OWASP top 10 issues.
  • The class does not cover all AppSec topics and focuses only on advanced identification and exploitation techniques of vulnerabilities.


Learn hacking techniques that compromise web apps, APIs, and associated end-points. The class focuses on server-side flaws. The vulnerabilities we present usually go undetected by modern scanners.


Authentication Bypass
  • Token hijacking attacks
  • SQL column truncation attack
  • Logical bypass / Boundary conditions
SAML / OAUTH 2.0 / AUTH-0 / JWT Attacks
  • JW token brute-force attacks
  • SAML authentication and authorization bypass
  • XXE through SAML
  • Advanced XXE exploitation over OOB channels
Password reset attacks
  • Cookie swap
  • Host header validation bypass
  • Case study of popular password reset fails
Breaking Cyrpto
  • Known plaintext attack (faulty password reset)
  • Path traversal using Padding Oracle
  • Hash length extension attacks
Business logic flaws / Authorization flaws
  • Mass assignment
  • Invite / promo code bypass
  • Replay attack
SQL injection
  • 2nd order injection
  • Out-of-band exploitation
  • SQLi through crypto
  • NoSQL injection
  • OS code exec via powershell
  • Advanced topics in SQLi
Remote Code Execution (RCE)
  • Java serialization attack
  • Node.js RCE
  • PHP object injection
  • RCE through XXE (with blind XXE)
  • RCE through XSLT
  • Rails remote code execution
  • Ruby / ERB template injection
  • Exploiting code injection over OOB channel
Server Side Request forgery (SSRF)
  • SSRF to query internal networks
  • SSRF to code exec
Unrestricted file upload
  • Malicious file extensions
  • Circumventing file validation checks
  • Web shells for modern platforms
Miscellaneous Topics
  • HTTP parameter pollution (HPP)
  • XXE in file parsing
  • Collection of weird and wonderful XSS and CSRF attacks
Attack Chaining
  • Combining client-side and server-side attacks to steal internal secrets
  • B33r 101