System Review

Thorough system review, policy tuning, and custom product evaluations

Nexum System Review

Ensure Key Security and Networking Systems Meet Your Needs

Nexum’s testing services ensure that your systems address today’s cybersecurity threats.

Policy Tuning

Nexum policy tuning configures various policy-based security devices such as intrusion prevention/detection devices, application firewalls, and network firewalls to protect your critical data, mitigate false positives, and allow trusted traffic while retaining high performance. Nexum engineers have a deep understanding of manufacturer platform-specific tuning requirements to ensure the best protections possible with the least amount of performance impact.

In policy tuning, changes are typically completed and verified in stages while progressively increasing the levels of protection. Nexum collaborates directly with your IT personnel to ensure the best possible policy tuning and knowledge transfer for your network environment.

Product Evaluations & Independent Vendor Analysis

Nexum approaches business with one simple principle: “Do what’s right for the customer and success will follow.” Nexum is experienced at managing products from multiple vendors and finding the right products for your environment. There are times you may require a more detailed analysis that goes above and beyond what you might receive during the manufacturer sales process. After completing a detailed review of your requirements, Nexum provides a vendor-agnostic review, combined with detailed lab testing of multiple manufacturers’ solutions – based on your needs. Nexum can perform full, side-by-side testing in our labs to ensure devices meet your most demanding requirements.

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