Talari Networks

Talari is a technology innovator and market share leader in the Software Defined WAN space with over 50% of the market. Talari has been changing the way companies think about, create and manage their WAN since its first commercial deployment in 2008.

Unlike other solutions, only Talari’s THINKING SD-WAN proactively manages capacity, reliability and performance in real time, packet by packet and without human intervention—to keep critical applications running, reduce costs and liberate IT to innovate new ways for the company to be brilliant.

Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN solution is powered by its patented adaptive private networking software that combines detailed one-way measurement of every single packet with intelligent link aggregation to create a smart, self-correcting network that averts link failures or brownouts so outages go unnoticed and applications perform brilliantly. Talari’s patented technology and innovative approach to wide area networking sets a new standard in network performance, reliability and management. Visibility into the WAN is made easy with Talari Aware, a genius WAN configuration, management and analysis platform that empowers IT with the detailed information they need to strategically drive the business.

The freedom to choose how Talari’s solution is deployed, is up to the enterprise. As an overlay solution, Talari is non-disruptive and plays well with other technologies, including WAN Op. Talari works within any network configuration including MPLS, Internet, Hybrid, Cloud and Wireless. And, this SD-WAN solution can be deployed at the physical edge, the virtual edge, in the cloud and in the data center. Talari offers a full suite of appliances including physical and virtual (private and cloud) to support the needs of regional, national and global enterprises.