Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure, LLC. is regarded as the leader in Secure Access Control, the Pulse Secure Connect Secure SSL-VPN foundation goes back to the late 1990s when it was created by Neotaris. This 12-year consecutive Gartner Magic Quadrant upper right solution was purchased by Netscreen in the early 2000s – which then in turn was purchased by the Network Security Global Leader Juniper Networks in 2004-2005 timeframe.

Some key facts about Pulse Secure:

  • Pulse Secure provides Secure Access Solutions for 80% of the Fortune 100.
  • Pulse Secure secures Capitalism via Secure Access provisioning for 13-of-15 key Government Networks.
  • Pulse Secure is the Secure Access Standard for 90% of the firms on Wall Street.
  • Pulse Secure secures 26-of-the-30 Dow Jones 30.
  • Pulse Secure’s three-pillar approach to Secure Access provides front-end granularity, access control, segmenting, filtering and downstream network performance enhancement via 3-Solutions – Connect Secure (SSL-VPN Foundation), Policy Secure (NAC Solution) and Workspace (Inside-Out application security, containerization and separation of Corporate-Enterprise apps from Personal Apps on any device, tablet, smart-phone.

“Pulse Connect Secure provides 15 years of innovation and refinement as the most reliable and feature rich VPN built for next generation secure access,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Pulse Secure’s CEO and the former $3 Billion annual Global Mobility Catalogue Leader for Citrix.   “Pulse Secure provides secure access for Hybrid IT that challenges single-sign authentication and role-based extensions from fixed data centers to the cloud, from device, to smart-phone and back again.

Pulse Secure supports nearly 25,000 customers, over 20-million network endpoints globally and drives a global “follow-the-sun” Security Operations Center model where it aligns and sees all security trends, threats and 24-7-365 real-time security within the global security task centers of free world governments.

Pulse Secure retains 200 patents, 95% of the Juniper technology engineering and code development team and a superb next-generation portfolio that is being evolved under the leadership of Ramakrishna and his team of leading mobile technologists.

  • Pulse Secure provides Secure Access for Hybrid IT and easy compliance, blending security for data centers, applications, and public cloud applications within the same seamless end-user experience.
  • Pulse Secure provides application security for per-app Mobile VPN for IOS, Android, Windows, tablets, lap tops and most every device.
  • Pulse Secure single-sign-on technology makes passwords a thing of the past.
  • Pulse Secure solutions are beautifully designed providing seamless user experiences throughout a variety of deployment options.
  • Pulse Secure solutions can be leveraged via the Cloud and or through appliance based platforms.