Nexum Pets at Home

April 30, 2020

Like most of you, the Nexum team is going to be sheltering in place and working from home for a bit longer. Thankfully, our furry friends don’t seem to be too upset about it. Some of them are even pitching in to help us get our work done. Here’s a glimpse at what quarantine-life looks like at our houses. Enjoy!


“Alright everyone, let’s get this webinar started.” -Twix


Buster sitting really still and waiting for you to drop your lunch.


Kennedy and Kona are actually starting to miss the mailcarrier.


“That call could’ve totally been an email.” -Luke


How do you get any work done with Durkson’s ears around?


Baxter and Gia politely waiting for 5:01PM.


“Did you see my request for pets? I’ll resubmit.” -Bogart


Dash is not amused by your at home workouts.


Baxter always representing Team Nexum!


Mac and Cassie need a new binge watch recommendation.


Maizy will take the lead on your next project.


Please don’t disturb Kennedy and Kona. They’re in a pup-ortant meeting.


“Answer the phone or give me treats… I’ll let you decide.” -Hendrix


Hang on, Gia needs another cup of coffee.


Jake is reaching out to touch base with you about his earlier message. He’ll wait.


Durkson isn’t sure what day it is, but it’s always a good time for nap.


Monster has just a few edits for your PowerPoint.


“Can you send that to me in an email?” -Myah


Travis Barker and Josie are all ears for your next team meeting.


Sierra’s ready to hear about your day and thinks you were definitely right.


“Try to finish that report when you can’t use your arms! Ha!” -Kona


Sabra is staying right here until your lunch/play break.


“If you’re not on 5 minutes early, you’re late.” -Smokey


“Hey… are you done working yet? How about now?” -Marley and Sophie


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