Building a Culture of Security

While building, deploying, and maintaining functional security tools are a critical part of securing any organization, the need to ensure that the people and the culture of the organization are also aligned toward securing the organization. Unfortunately, when users aren’t involved or consulted, tool changes can produce backlash. Too often, security teams focus on the tools and fail to leverage the organization’s people, who with a little bit of education and motivation, can change from being one of the organization’s biggest risks to a security asset.

This presentation with Nexum’s Director of Engineering Services, Chandler Howell, provides an overview of how to identify and prioritize risks which users can be engaged to mitigate, building the organizational and technical infrastructure to support a Culture of Security, and finally looks at how to manage that change so that it sticks and truly becomes part of the culture.

Fuel Virtual Spark User Summit

August 13, 2020