first*defense® Vulnerability Scanning

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Nexum first*defense<sup>®</sup> Vulnerability Scanning

first*defense® Vulnerability Scanning

Nexum’s first*defense® Vulnerability Scanning service helps your employees make the most of their time by handling the regular maintenance, configuration and labor around producing useful scan results. Nexum’s first*defense team configures and runs the scans, prioritizes the discovered vulnerabilities based on your prior feedback and improves the efficiency of your remediation process by removing obvious false positives.

Clients with complex security needs or without the personnel to run scan engines or sift through large reports for false positives benefit from letting Nexum handle the most laborious parts of Vulnerability Scanning for them.

Nexum’s first*defense Vulnerability Scanning platform provides:

  • Internal and external scan capabilities
  • Multiple scan engines for internal scans, to avoid scanning across firewalls and congested WAN links
  • Useful, executive-facing reporting
  • Easy-to-understand key performance indicators to show remediation progress
  • Adjustable vulnerability priorities
  • Trending and trend reporting
  • Web application intelligence not normally found in general vulnerability scanners
  • Optional monthly and/or quarterly scans
  • On-demand scans
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