first*defense® Night Vision

Managed services to manage and defend your network

Nexum first*defense<sup>®</sup> Night Vision

first*defense® Night Vision

Nexum’s first*defense® Night Vision provides the same features as first*defense Monitored Services, but on a night-and-weekend basis. Featuring 16×5 coverage during the week and 24-hour coverage over the weekend, first*defense Night Vision takes over for your IT staff during off-peak hours so your team can relax knowing that if an incident occurs, it will be detected and you will be notified in a timely manner.

Benefits include:

  • Access and visibility to your resources via the first*defense portal
  • Secure web-based tool for ticket access and asset tracking
  • Standard and customized security reporting and trending
  • Real-time log monitoring
  • Secure log retention and storage
  • Proactive device health monitoring
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