first*defense® Managed Services

Managed services to manage and defend your network

Nexum first*defense<sup>®</sup> Managed Services

first*defense® Managed Services

IT security and operations teams everywhere have an immense and ever-increasing workload to manage, often with tight budget restrictions and a minimum number of personnel. While the security threats facing your infrastructure have never been more persistent or insidious, first*defense® is always on and at the ready to respond in real time.

Designed from the ground up in response to real-world IT security threats, first*defense allows you to optimize your resources, defend your investments and ensure the resilience of your network. Nexum’s team of certified experts are located in our U.S.-based Security and Network Operation Command Centers (SNOCCs), and are ready around the clock to help. Benefits include:

  • Access and visibility to your resources via the first*defense portal
  • Secure web-based tool for ticket access and asset tracking
  • Standard and customized security reporting and trending
  • Real-time log monitoring
  • 24/7 incident response
  • Proactive device health monitoring