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Nexum Leadership Team

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Strong leadership and visionary thinking have built Nexum into a leading cybersecurity and networking company.

David Lesser, President and Chief Executive Officer

A technologist and businessman, David Lesser’s experience in IT risk mitigation has focused on excellent technical design and intelligent cost control. As Nexum’s top corporate officer, David has been managing people since he was 16 years old, with a Total Quality Management/leadership approach. David has served in a variety of roles, including management and sales, in addition to a tour of duty running nuclear reactors on U.S. Navy carriers. He holds a B.S. in nuclear engineering from the University of New Mexico.

J.D. Butt, Vice President of Technology

J.D. Butt is a network security technologist with over 20 years of experience designing, testing and implementing secure architectures for networks, application deployments and software. J.D. serves as Nexum’s Vice President of Technology. J.D.’s professional experience includes founding Midwest Communications, an internet service provider that ultimately consolidated over 90 smaller ISPs into a coherent, secure whole. As an ISP industry spokesperson, J.D. helped drive the CLEC competition to SBC and helped influence the design and implementation of the DSL PPPoE standard. Prior to Nexum, J.D. was Vice President and Senior Network Engineer for Midwest Communications, where, in addition to his roles as VP and Engineer, he developed consumer training, network and security monitoring systems and event correlation engines.

Mike Scher, Vice President and General Counsel

Mike Scher is an attorney and systems security specialist with experience in IT risk mitigation. At Nexum Mike is a corporate officer and spearheads the Business Services Group, which comprises Nexum’s legal department and security assessment/compliance management team. Before joining Nexum, Mike was director of Neohapsis Labs, an independent IT security product testing organization. He has served as Director of Security and Network Infrastructure for an e-commerce startup and worked as a Senior Network Security Consultant for the Tribune Company. Mike holds bachelor’s, master’s and JD degrees from Duke University and is ABD in a PhD program at the University of Chicago. Mike has been a regular author and speaker on security and policy, touching on issues such as ethics and technology law.


* Vice Presidents of the company are not corporate officers unless indicated.