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Product Deployment

Nexum Professional Services can help you achieve reliability and stability throughout your IT infrastructure while reducing costs and improving ROI.  These custom offerings are performed by Nexum's highly skilled Solutions team.  Our Solutions team members are: 

  • Highly experienced, on-staff security and network engineers
  • Multi-vendor certified to the highest levels
  • Located at offices around the U.S. and available for on-site engagements worldwide
  • Accomplished, with a proven track record developed through many years of successful domestic and global engagements
  • Well-versed and familiar with multiple verticals and unique industry issues and challenges
  • Skilled in advanced compliance and assessment expertise
  • Available to work with flexible pricing options (hourly vs. fixed fee engagement) 
  • Responsive and available on flexible scheduling
Professional Services (vendor specific)
  • Product evaluations and proofs of concept
  • Deployments and integrations
  • Configuration reviews and recommendations for best practice
  • Device tuning for optimal security and performance
  • Software and hardware upgrades for enhanced reliability
  • Customized configurations and scripting
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation