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Configuration Review

The Nexum Solutions team is uniquely positioned to perform configuration reviews of critical infrastructure devices on your network. Nexum Solutions engineers have years of experience deploying and maintaining critical infrastructure within large enterprise environments. Our engineers draw from this experience to review configurations against manufacturer and industry best practices applied to your specific environment to ensure optimal configuration. Nexum takes a holistic view of the devices' configuration and overall role within the network. Knowing the device's role allows us to make recommendations to ensure that the device is the right fit for your environment, configured with the right options and will ultimately meet your current and future needs.

  • Hardware and software configurations
  • Software versions in accordance with known stable releases
  • Hardware and configuration scalability
  • Optimal use of available features and options
  • Management, backup, logging and monitoring of the device
  • Hardware redundancy and fail-over capabilities
  • Overall device performance review

Nexum tailors recommendations to the customer environment specifying configuration changes and best practices. Our engineers highlight opportunities to optimize configurations and better support the customers’ business requirements by incorporating redundancy, scalability and operational efficiencies.