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What is first*defense®?

first*defense® is a family of services offered by Nexum® designed to be your first line of defense in keeping your network secure. first*defense extends the Nexum team to your team. Whether your needs are product support or full managed security services, Nexum's team of certified experts are located at our U.S.-based Security and Network Operation Command Centers (SNOCCs) are ready around the clock to help.

Designed from the ground up in response to real-world IT security threats, first*defense solutions empower your IT staff to manage and defend your network efficiently and effectively, even if you are lean on resources. IT security and operations teams everywhere have an immense and ever increasing workload to manage, often with tight budget restrictions and a minimum number of personnel. While the security threats facing your infrastructure have never been more persistent or insidious, first*defense is always on and at the ready to respond in real time. Optimize your resources, defend your investments, and take back your network with first*defense.

Benefits include:

  • Access and visibility to your resources via the first*defense Portal
  • Secure web-based tool for ticket access and asset tracking
  • Standard and customized security reporting and trending
  • Real-time log monitoring
  • 24x7 incident response
  • Proactive device health monitoring

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